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Skincare is important for men as well

Hey gentlemen,

I have something for you.

Did you know that men’s skin is oilier than women’s? The truth is that dirty faces result from an oily complexion. Therefore, men need to clean their skin every morning and night with the right products. We are not talking about using body soap to quickly clean it, but rather about deep cleaning. Your skin will look healthier and clearer after a deep cleansing session.

If possible, you should choose natural cleansing products, or products containing natural ingredients. Avoid chemical-based cleansers. Most conventional soaps contain ingredients that are not for use on the face and leave a detergent film, irritating your pores.

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In addition to a deep cleanse, you may also need a facial scrub. A scrub will remove dead skin cells from the upper layers of your skin and smooth the surface of your skin. Use a scrub that won’t damage you because it is too strong. You should avoid products with rough ingredients since they will ultimately damage your skin. If the product results in damaged skin, change it immediately.

Once your skin is all clean, remember to moisturize it with also a natural option. Shave first, then apply the moisturizer, and don’t forget to apply it to your neck as well. We tend to forget the neck, and it is as damaged as the skin. Moisturizing depends on your skin type, so I suggest getting to know yours well before purchasing anything. When you need intensive moisturizing, you should use Vitamin E or Aloe Vera Oil.

Cleansing the face is very important, but at the same time is very easy, just add a couple of minutes to your morning routine, and you will look great for years to come. After cleansing your face a good face moisturizer is RADIEUSE from our skincare collection Aisance Beauté Nétive face oil.

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